Wednesday, March 7, 2012

1960s Waltah Clarke dress

There wasn't really much Hawaiian about LA born Walter Clarke, but after a trip to Honolulu he was smitten!  Walter became totally consumed with all things Polynesian and wanted to introduce the rest of the United States to the bright, vibrant colours of the islands, opening his first store in Palm Springs in 1952 selling Hawaiian style shirts and dresses. Walter even became Waltah to sound more Hawaiian. He met his wife Gretchen at a hula dancing class (no, really!) and married her in '54.  Gretchen got the island bug too and began designing the colourful fabrics.  Before long they had a thriving empire of 31 stores dotted around the USA.  Sadly, the Waltah Clarke phenomenon faded shortly after his death - but his shirts and dresses are now highly collectable.

Say aloha to our own Waltah Clarke dress - a particularly colourful number from the late 1960's
 - on sale only on our vintage fair stands.

The ruffled neckline and hem split are pure Waltah!

Closer, closer!

All the way down to your ankles - and the ruffled split!

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