Tuesday, January 31, 2012

See the Movie!

Just uploaded to YouTube:

Monday, January 30, 2012

Marks & Sparks

The British company Marks & Spencer has been a byword for pretty, well made ladies lingerie since their famous St.Michael brand first appeared in 1928.  By 1954, the company - affectionately known to the British as Marks and Sparks - had no less than 27 styles of slips in a comprehensive range of sizes available in its stores.  Here is an adorable 1950's St.Michael slip in white, recently sold by our DreamDate store:

Saturday, January 28, 2012

60s slip ads....

The 1960s brought advances in fabric technology, such as non-cling slips, and way above the knee hemlines.  Here is just two 60s slip ads with very different artistic approaches - Sears, 1968 and Juliet, 1967.....

Nylsuisse - Swiss perfection?

Made of pretty ivory Nylsuisse nylon, this little cutie has the sweetest deep lace (which has a lovely sheen) to the bust that continues up the pretty wide straps. A pretty floral applique motif also adorns the bust . Similar pretty lace adorns the hem too. Made under the Schiesser label in Switzerland using Nylsuisse nylon, a trademark of Societe de la Viscose Suisse in Emmenbrucke, Switzerland. The Nylsuisse trademark fell into disuse in 1987.

See more here.

So cute, so see through....

This cute, adorable slip is made of pretty lilac Nylon, with a beautiful white lace panel decorating the front and the bust. The bust is of pretty lace patterns. The straps are non-adjustable. So pretty, and an authentic 1960's classic from Germany. 

New 1960s dreamy pink Perlon slip by Rösch of Germany

Delightfully feminine Perlon lacy full slip by Rösch of Germany. This adorable slip is made of pink Perlon, with a really pretty 3" white lace hem. The bust is decorated with pretty lace too, the lace inset going down the full length of the front. The ribbon straps are non-adjustable. So pretty, and an authentic 1960's classic from Germany. 

Newly listed on What-Lies-Beneath - see here for more

Unworn 1960s Perlon full slip....

Beautiful 1960s double layer pink Perlon full slip with grey lace overlay in mint condition:

For more info see here

Friday, January 27, 2012

Villa Anamnisis Photoshoot

"Location, location, location", they always say.  Here are just some of the scores of slips we photographed for DreamDate at the Villa Anamnisis, Lefkada, Greece.  There is an intensity of light there that we rarely have here in northern Europe and it seems to pick out the fine detail on the slips, especially the lace hems.  We'll be back at the Villa Anamnisis in a few weeks with even more slips, cameras and all......

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Glydons of Hollywood

Alas no longer in production, Glydons of Hollywood was arguably the first lingerie manufacturer in America to make slips that were sexy, rather than just functional.  Now, any item made by Glydons commands attention from serious collectors worldwide.  Recently sold to an overseas buyer, here we focus on an exquisite lime and chocolate 1950′s vintage half slip by Glydons.  It has a double layer of the finest nylon and a 5-inch deep lace hem.  The attention to detail and quality of manufacture is clear to see in the photographs, however the true joy is in the wearing.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Nylon tres belle!

We don't see enough French vintage slip ads, so lets not miss this opportunity.

Le vintage est d'abord le reflet d'une authenticité, que ce soit par la marque, les techniques de couture ou les tissus employés. Le vintage satisfait une envie de quelque chose de rare, et  personnelle dans un monde où ce qui est à la mode se duplique à l'infini, partout au même moment.  Retrouvez d’incomparables sensations, avec leur matière, leur aspect, leur bruissement, leurs ravissantes dentelles, le contact si sensuel sur la peau.....

Pulp fiction - Peril in Perlon? Vol 2.

More in our series of pulp fiction covers featuring slips.  Today, rather than damsels in distress, we'll home in on portrayals of, er, scheming vixens!  Enjoy.  More later....

Creamy dreamy.....

Deep pleats and embroidered lace grace this adorable long length 1960s cutie in the palest shell pink nylon.  Find out more here....

See through sensation....

Pretty 1970s full slip in see through black nylon - ideal for your favourite vintage dress. Pretty and delicate matching black floral print organza bust, with the 7.5" deep hem similarly decorated. A lovely, wearable 70's slip.  Listed on my Etsy store, DreamDate - see here for more detail

Friday, January 20, 2012

Pulp fiction - Peril in Perlon? Vol 1.

For some reason, slips figure highly in the pulp fiction magazines of the mid-20th century.  Its a hard life being a slip-clad girlie in this world of cheap fiction. Females seem to fall into certain categories - either you are a red hot man eating tartette, or your life is in deep peril because you've been caught by a): horrible slimy space aliens, b): desperate jailbreak fugitive on the run, c:) dirty, smelly, unshaven soldiers, or, d): mad scientist who lured you into his underground lab. I haven't yet found an unshaven fugitive with a masters degree in particle physics from the planet Zarg, but I search in hope.  Anyhow, here is the first instalment of cheap tittilation - more smut to come.  Oh yes.  Where on earth your dress went, nobody knows.....

Lock all your doors.  Sleep with the light on.
More smutty covers later, I promise.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

When a slip becomes a social error - the Mary Barron ads

One of the more amusing group of vintage slip ads are the 'When a slip becomes a social error' series, featuring various embarrassing situations that may could will arise if you set off from home not wearing a Mary Barron slip. I have occasionally had them for sale in my Etsy store, DreamDate and each one has been adorable.  So ladies - you've been warned!  Enjoy!

Don't let it happen to you!

Perlon. A very European fabric.

As you have probably gathered by now I specialise in Perlon slips.  I just love the properties of this wonderful nylon derivative - its softness against the skin, its wispy sheer transparency, its resistance to surface damage like rubbing and flecks, not to mention the adorable styles made with it.

So, what exactly is Perlon?  Awarded its trademark name Perlon in 1952 after dragging the cumbersome title of Nylon 6 around ever since Dr Paul Schlack of IG Farbenindustrie in Germany first developed it way back in 1938.  Clearly a case of being invented in the wrong place at the wrong time, Dr Schlack's new invention was pressed into military use under the name Perluran and its civil use as a fabric was banned for the duration of WWII.  It was not until 1949 that the lovely fabric we know and love started to be produced as a fine fabric for the benefit of women everywhere.

With the widest selection of Perlon slips available online, why not browse our selection at www.what-lies-beneath.co.uk .  Major credit/debit cards accepted, as well as PayPal, via our secured SSL server.  Also at  Etsy stores DreamDate , DreamDatePlus (Plus Sizes) and DreamDatePetties