Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blue floral cutie from the DDR.....

So pretty! In near mint condition, this cute little slip is sure to please. In a lovely white nylon with blue floral print and elaborate fine lace to the bust and similar lace decoration in two inserts at the hem. Absolutely lovely! Made in the former East Germany (DDR) - a touch of ostalgie.

Jeri Modes of New York

On our stand at the York Festival of Vintage, 28th  29th April, this cute 70's vintage dress:

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The most loved.....

There's no denying it - this coffee and cream nylon peignoir gown by St.Michael is simply adorable.  I sold it some time ago, but it still gets favourited on Etsy to this day.  In fact - out of every seven people who views the item, someone 'favourites' it.  It has also featured in 16 treasuries far.
Silky soft double-layer nylon - plain cream on the inside and whispy see-through coffee coloured nylon on the outside, made all the prettier for sweet cream lace from waist to hem and also to the bust and shoulders. A gorgeous decorative bow adorns the waist. This 'wrap' gown is secured with a hidden button at the waist. Such a lovely item.....

1970s vintage Charnos slip, new with tags

Lovely 1970s vintage deep pink Charnos full slip, new with tags, and trimmed with Nottingham Leavers lace.   So adorably wearable, this pretty slip has matching fine lace to the bust as well as the hem, which also has a cute side split.  Charnos was founded in 1958 and has been making high-end luxury lingerie ever since.  Altogether a gorgeous 70s slip in mint condition.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Come and see us!

What Lies Beneath / DreamDate will have a large stand at the Leamington Spa Vintage Wedding Fair on Sunday 25 March between 11:00 and 4:00 at the Assembly on Spencer Street, CV31 3NF.  On sale (and we mean sale) will be more bridal slips and petticoats than you'd possibly imagine, plus the most adorable wedding dresses, dresses, gowns and accessories.  Come and meet us there!


Leeds Vintage Fashion Fair

Over to West Yorkshire today - to the vibrant city of Leeds for the Leeds Vintage Fashion Fair.  In stark contrast to the disappointment at the tatty Lincoln Vintage Fair yesterday, this was an awesome vintage fair in an awesome venue, packed with great sellers with masses of genuine vintage stock on display.  Definitely signing up for this one!  Here are a few snapshots we took.....

The imposing Town Hall, Leeds.

Oh - wow!

How ornate is that!

Busy!  Lots to see.........

Looking across the hall from the stage

Saturday, February 25, 2012

1950's outrageously see through sheer half slip by St.Michael

One of the most adorable half slips we have listed in a long time - sheer, see through 50s glamour. Delightfully feminine half slip in aqua blue silky soft and very sheer nylon with pretty and delicate white lace hem and also a cute white lace inset.  Made in Britain by St.Michael (Marks and Spencer) under their famous 'blue label'.  Highly wearable and in near mint 50's condition.

50 years old - and in near mint condition

The famous St.Michael 'blue label'

Lincoln Vintage Fair

We are still visiting various vintage fairs to see if they are right for us to take a stand - especially now that we have a sizeable stock of 50s, 60s and 70s dresses, ball gowns and wedding dresses.  We have already signed up for two - Leamington Spa Vintage Wedding Fair and the York Festival of Vintage.  Can't wait for those - but in the meantime today we popped along to an event held here in our native Lincolnshire - the Lincoln Vintage Fair.  Hmmmm - very 'studenty' - not surprising really though, being on campus.  Not really us, that's for certain.  I think sometimes the fine line between 'vintage' and 'old clothes' gets crossed at some events - and this one even had its very own authentic charity shop smell.  Oh well, you have to attend to find these kind of things out.  Tomorrow we are popping over to Yorkshire for the Leeds Vintage Fashion Fair - lets hope its better....

The awesome Medieval Ermine Cathedral in Lincoln stands high above the city.
That's our colourful flag - we are proud to be Lincolnshire 'Yellowbellies'.

Sorry, I is today's venue - the Engine Shed, as its known.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Corette Corporation

Here are four lovely ads from the Corette Corporation which independently made slips until it was bought by Kayser in the mid-1950's.....





Sunday, February 19, 2012

Harrogate Vintage Wedding Fair

If its Sunday it must be Harrogate. There are only two days in a weekend and both of them have been taken up attending vintage fairs with a view to exhibiting at one or two this year.  Its settled - we'll be doing this one, though we can't wait until it comes back to Harrogate in September, so its looking very much like we'll be exhibiting at Leamington Spa later in March, or even earlier at Chester if we can get all our ducks in a row in time.  Attendance was high and brisk, with a great atmosphere - presumably because most visitors have something very special to look forward to!  Here goes with the pictures from today.....

Venue: St.George Hotel, Harrogate, Yorkshire

Busy busy.....

Vintage Twee

Nobody in the whole wide world does tea and twee like us English - so it was nice to admire the work of someone who has captured the artform that is the English tea party and presented it in a way that will make any wedding or garden party go along pretty well rather spiffingly.  We spotted Vintage Twee's little corner of the Harrogate Vintage Wedding Fair and just had to get a photo.  Ok, I know this is supposed to be a vintage lingerie blog, but we're entitled to get distracted now and then.  So - here's the lady behind it all, Joanne......

More tea, vicar?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Leeds Vintage Fair

Saturday morning, 18th February, and its a trip down the M62 motorway to the fairish city of Leeds to see Judy's Vintage Fair at the historic Corn Exchange. After seven years of successfully selling online, we are toying with the idea of pitching in at a vintage fair or two, just to see what happens. Firstly, we need to check out a handful of vintage fairs to see if they'd be right for us - just spending an hour or so observing what goes on and finding out who is selling what and (more importantly) who is buying what. We chatted to various stallholders to get their angle on things and maybe gain a little useful advice here and there. That we certainly did - they're a friendly bunch for the most part.  Is a vintage fair like this the right place for a 'niche' vintage slip seller like us?  For now, dear reader, the jury's out.  In the meantime, have a look at some of my photos from the day.....remember to click on each image to see them as they should be!

Leeds Vintage Fair, Corn Exchange, Leeds, Yorkshire
- click the image for the BIGGER picture.
Plenty to choose from - but not a slip in sight....

Its a fine old building

Food is served downstairs, so you can stay all day!

Plenty to see and plenty looking.

Isn't the Corn Exchange such a lovely venue!
Click on the image for the BIGGER picture.

The Corn Exchange has its resident vintage store too - Mad Elizabeth.
Look her up when you're in town
- for more info click here.

There are a handful of vintage and retro shops in the streets around
Leeds Corn Exchange - here's just one.