Thursday, January 19, 2012

Perlon. A very European fabric.

As you have probably gathered by now I specialise in Perlon slips.  I just love the properties of this wonderful nylon derivative - its softness against the skin, its wispy sheer transparency, its resistance to surface damage like rubbing and flecks, not to mention the adorable styles made with it.

So, what exactly is Perlon?  Awarded its trademark name Perlon in 1952 after dragging the cumbersome title of Nylon 6 around ever since Dr Paul Schlack of IG Farbenindustrie in Germany first developed it way back in 1938.  Clearly a case of being invented in the wrong place at the wrong time, Dr Schlack's new invention was pressed into military use under the name Perluran and its civil use as a fabric was banned for the duration of WWII.  It was not until 1949 that the lovely fabric we know and love started to be produced as a fine fabric for the benefit of women everywhere.

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