Friday, January 20, 2012

Pulp fiction - Peril in Perlon? Vol 1.

For some reason, slips figure highly in the pulp fiction magazines of the mid-20th century.  Its a hard life being a slip-clad girlie in this world of cheap fiction. Females seem to fall into certain categories - either you are a red hot man eating tartette, or your life is in deep peril because you've been caught by a): horrible slimy space aliens, b): desperate jailbreak fugitive on the run, c:) dirty, smelly, unshaven soldiers, or, d): mad scientist who lured you into his underground lab. I haven't yet found an unshaven fugitive with a masters degree in particle physics from the planet Zarg, but I search in hope.  Anyhow, here is the first instalment of cheap tittilation - more smut to come.  Oh yes.  Where on earth your dress went, nobody knows.....

Lock all your doors.  Sleep with the light on.
More smutty covers later, I promise.

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