Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cold War warmth!

Pretty early 1980s vintage full slip by Stretta of the former East Germany (DDR) in a slinky shiny purple Dederon - ideal for your favourite vintage dress.  Pretty lace bust and hemline. The non-adjustable straps are made from purple lace too. Still with original Stretta production tag attached.  Verkaufe hier ein sehr schönes Dederon DDR Unterkleid aus den 80er Jahren.  Reizendes. Lovely. Nostalgie pur!

What is Dederon? Dederon is very similar to the famous Perlon. Both were made in Germany, but Dederon was Perlon's equivalent made in the old East Germany - DDR - and behind the Iron Curtain. Like the spy that came in from the cold, this 1980's slip is actually quite cute! How did Dederon get its name? Well, it is a play on words on the name of the old East Germany before reunification - "DDR" - pronounced in the German way "De-De-R-On" - the 'on' at the end being a copy of the western 'Perl-on'.

A neon sign for Dederon inside East Germany

1967. The Dederon factory in Guben produced 250,000 slips per year!

Workers arrive for work at the Dederon plant

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