Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pulp fiction - Peril in Perlon? Vol 4

Its been a little while since we've delved into the murky, seedy world of slip-festooned pulp fiction covers from the 1950s and 1960s, so here's another group - slip wearers in peril.  Last time, we did 'brazen bombshells in slips', so this time we'll have to explore pulp fiction's unwholesome fascination with finding a damsel in a slip and then tying her up. Honestly, how did they get away with it?!  I would like to reassure would-be buyers of slips from any of my four stores that being tied up in a slip is purely optional and it is perfectly possible to wear one all day long without, honestly, I mean it!

"It looked like a good bargain at first, with free shipping and nicely packaged
- but now look at the trouble I'm in!"

Caution: being tied up like this can cause serious scuff marks on nylon.

Cornflower blue - I have one or two like that listed at the moment.....

Ok, so she's not tied up - but she's still in peril, right....

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