Saturday, February 18, 2012

Leeds Vintage Fair

Saturday morning, 18th February, and its a trip down the M62 motorway to the fairish city of Leeds to see Judy's Vintage Fair at the historic Corn Exchange. After seven years of successfully selling online, we are toying with the idea of pitching in at a vintage fair or two, just to see what happens. Firstly, we need to check out a handful of vintage fairs to see if they'd be right for us - just spending an hour or so observing what goes on and finding out who is selling what and (more importantly) who is buying what. We chatted to various stallholders to get their angle on things and maybe gain a little useful advice here and there. That we certainly did - they're a friendly bunch for the most part.  Is a vintage fair like this the right place for a 'niche' vintage slip seller like us?  For now, dear reader, the jury's out.  In the meantime, have a look at some of my photos from the day.....remember to click on each image to see them as they should be!

Leeds Vintage Fair, Corn Exchange, Leeds, Yorkshire
- click the image for the BIGGER picture.
Plenty to choose from - but not a slip in sight....

Its a fine old building

Food is served downstairs, so you can stay all day!

Plenty to see and plenty looking.

Isn't the Corn Exchange such a lovely venue!
Click on the image for the BIGGER picture.

The Corn Exchange has its resident vintage store too - Mad Elizabeth.
Look her up when you're in town
- for more info click here.

There are a handful of vintage and retro shops in the streets around
Leeds Corn Exchange - here's just one.

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