Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lincoln Vintage Fair

We are still visiting various vintage fairs to see if they are right for us to take a stand - especially now that we have a sizeable stock of 50s, 60s and 70s dresses, ball gowns and wedding dresses.  We have already signed up for two - Leamington Spa Vintage Wedding Fair and the York Festival of Vintage.  Can't wait for those - but in the meantime today we popped along to an event held here in our native Lincolnshire - the Lincoln Vintage Fair.  Hmmmm - very 'studenty' - not surprising really though, being on campus.  Not really us, that's for certain.  I think sometimes the fine line between 'vintage' and 'old clothes' gets crossed at some events - and this one even had its very own authentic charity shop smell.  Oh well, you have to attend to find these kind of things out.  Tomorrow we are popping over to Yorkshire for the Leeds Vintage Fashion Fair - lets hope its better....

The awesome Medieval Ermine Cathedral in Lincoln stands high above the city.
That's our colourful flag - we are proud to be Lincolnshire 'Yellowbellies'.

Sorry, I is today's venue - the Engine Shed, as its known.

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